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    Selena is a shockingly gorgeous young Brazilian. We see a lot of these “Brazilian” and they all impress the hell out of us, but there’s just something about those cheeky dimples on Selena that makes us hot under the collar. And that’s before we’ve even glanced south of her beautiful face! Her physique, for the purposes of the escort community, is what we like to term as flawless. She has perfectly proportionate everything: ass, boobs, legs, waist, etc. There really isn’t anything you could fail to love the look of. When it comes to her personality, you will find Selena to be rather interesting. She’s into the sport, shopping, and fashion as any of the other girls, but she also has a love for the theater, opera, and she’s quite the foodie too. Perhaps you’d like to take her to a nice restaurant to really get to know her? Book now from Miami Escort agency, but book quickly, you never know when she might leave!